GainsKeeper Brokerage

Cost basis and gain/loss reporting is one of the most highly sought account features for investors. GainsKeeper Brokerage allows brokerage firms to efficiently deliver this value-added service to their customers. With GainsKeeper Brokerage, you are helping your customers save time, money and aggravation when preparing their taxes.

GainsKeeper Brokerage offers fully automated wash sales and corporate actions adjustments. It also provides detailed running cost basis and gain/loss reports to enable your customers to maintain accurate investment records and realize greater after-tax performance.

With these decision and analysis tools integrated into your web site, your organization can provide your customers with superior recordkeeping tools, giving them greater visibility into their accounts and to the impact of their trading decisions.

Need GainsKeeper Solution
Adjust cost basis of customers' investments for corporate actions and wash sales Portfolio Tracking GainsKeeper identifies, calculates, defers and reverses all wash sales, and automatically adjusts for corporate actions.
Enable customers to maximize after-tax investment performance Portfolio Optimization GainsKeeper's automated accounting and analytical tools provide investors with strategies to increase after-tax returns.
Help customers with Schedule D filing by calculating capital gains in their portfolios Schedule D &
Other Reports
GainsKeeper tracks capital gains throughout the year allowing investors to generate realized gain/loss reports for Schedule D.