HedgeTax from GainsKeeper offers the hedge fund industry one of the most advanced automated tax reporting solutions by helping funds avoid wash sales, manage capital gains distributions and increase after-tax performance. In addition, HedgeTax helps funds reduce the amount of time spent on tax reporting compliance, minimize the risk of tax reporting errors and provide what-if tax analysis and intra-year estimates to maximize investment performance.

Need HedgeTax Solutions
Calculate wash sale adjust for tax reporting Wash Sales HedgeTax automates the calculation of the wash sale adjustment eliminating the tedious manual process.
Provide reporting for qualified dividend income and dividend tax expense Dividends HedgeTax offers a suite of products for calculating dividend reporting.
Calculate REIT dividend and basis adjustment Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) HedgeTax automates the calculation of return of capital, long-term capital gain and §1250 amounts paid on REIT securities.