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GainsKeeper's suite of products provides automated tax-based financial tools and services to the investment community. GainsKeeper's solutions enable financial institutions to offer sophisticated tax lot accounting services to their customers ranging from back-office outsourcing to fully integrated, web-based tools and services utilized by the brokerage, mutual fund, hedge fund and fund administration industries.

GainsKeeper Brokerage

GainsKeeper Brokerage allows brokerage firms to help customers with their tax reporting needs.

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BasisPro provides an application offering complex cost basis information and eliminating inaccuracies in cost basis reporting.

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FundTax enables mutual fund companies to leverage GainsKeeper's tax lot accounting system for transaction processing and excise tax reporting.

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With HedgeTax, hedge fund companies and administrators have one of the most advanced automated tax reporting solutions in the industry.

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