Cost Basis Analyzer

Calculating cost basis is a time-consuming task that can result in costly, inaccurate information. BasisPro handles cost basis information for all U.S. equities and mutual funds.

Need Cost Basis Analyzer Feature
Quickly calculate cost basis information BasisPro provides cost basis calculations in a matter of seconds.
Research historical corporate actions BasisPro tracks historical corporate actions back to 1950.
Accurate cost basis information BasisPro complies with Internal Revenue Code.

Quickly calculate cost basis information

BasisPro saves institutions time by quickly calculating the complete cost basis and realized gain/loss reports for any stock or mutual fund. All corporate actions affecting the original trade lots are automatically applied to determine the shares and cost basis on the specific holding dates. Using BasisPro helps clients eliminate inaccuracies in cost basis reporting.

Research historical corporate actions

With BasisPro, institutions can research and calculate complex corporate actions as far back as 1950. BasisPro gives a corporate action summary that shows the details of every corporate action event affecting the original position, as well as all events affecting subsequent positions. In addition, BasisPro gives DRIP estimates for all cash dividends dating back to 1973.

Accurate cost basis information

Today the IRS examines cost basis calculations more closely than ever before. Both the IRS and BasisPro depend on the same information source - our sister company Capital Changes, the recognized leader in corporate action tax analysis - to track cost basis calculations. Institutions using BasisPro are complying with Internal Revenue Code by using the same solution the IRS depends on for cost basis information.