BasisPro is available as an annual subscription with either 50 or 150 calculations.  A calculation will be defined as one analyzed result for a "bought" or "baseline" transaction.  Reanalyzing a voluntary corporate action after making a selection in BasisPro will not result in use of another calculation. 

BasisPro subscriptions are valid for one year or until the calculations are used — whichever comes first.  If you use all your calculations before the end of your subscription, you may purchase additional calculations or renew your subscription.  Unused calculations will expire with the subscription upon account expiration.  Purchasing a new subscription level prior to your expiration date, however, will give you a new one year subscription period and carry any unused calculations over from your prior subscription.

If you have a promotional code, please enter it when purchasing your subscription.  Discounts from promotional codes will be applied to the regular subscription price.

Subscription Levels

50 Calculations
$699 – Limited time special offer price of $549

150 Calculations
$1,499 – Limited time special offer price of $1,299

Additional Calculations
25 Calculations
$349 – Limited time special offer price of $299