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GainsKeeper is a powerful tax planning tool that helps investors with complicated capital gains calculations and the tax implications. As a Fidelity customer, you will receive a 25% discount on new GainsKeeper subscriptions. Subscribe to GainsKeeper and spend your valuable time researching your investments, not tracking them.

Your GainsKeeper Subscription:
Saves You Time & Money: After your trade history is entered in GainsKeeper, capital gains are tracked enabling you to generate Schedule D for tax filing.

Increases Your Portfolio Performance: GainsKeeper's tax-based tools and trading strategies help you optimize your portfolio, maximize after-tax returns and minimize taxes.

Reduces Administrative Headaches: GainsKeeper automatically adjusts the securities in your portfolio for trading activity that creates wash sales and for stock splits, mergers, spin-offs and other messy corporate actions.

Helps You Meet Investment Objectives: Use GainsKeeper's customizable portfolio targets, diversification and allocation tools to maintain your investment objectives.

Enter Promo Code FIDELITY when purchasing your subscription to receive your discount. Discount applies to GainsKeeper subscriptions only.

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