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GainsKeeper offers a suite of automated 'tax smart' trading tools to brokers, fund companies (mutual funds & hedge funds), institutions and individual traders & investors. GainsKeeper calculates, tracks and reports corporate actions, cost basis, capital gains & losses and wash sale. Plus, GainsKeeper generates the IRS Schedule D and IRS Form 8949 and reports on broad-based section 1256 (Form 6781) options. Active traders, including those with mark-to-market election, can generate Income/Loss reports supplementing IRS Form 4797.

BasisPro automates cost basis calculations and tracking, essential to coming cost basis legislation requirements.

FundTax® leverages GainsKeeper's tax lot accounting system for transaction processing and reporting to help avoid wash sales and to automate straddle and REIT basis adjustment tracking.


IRS releases final regulations for cost basis reporting phase 3 coverage of debt instruments and options. Read the regs.

Cost Basis Reporting Challenge for Hedge Funds, Partnerships and Corporations: IRS Form 8949 & New Form 1065 Schedule D

On December 31, 2012, the IRS released Schedule D for reporting capital gains and losses for calendar year 2012 by partnerships filing federal income tax returns on Form 1065 (2012 Partnership Schedule D). | view full entry

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Visit Wolters Kluwer Financial Services' Cost Basis Reporting Resource Center.

GainsKeeper in the News

Wolters Kluwer Financial Services has joined with Broadridge Tax Services to deliver world-class Phase 3 Debt functionality to support Cost Basis and Tax Reporting compliance. | read article

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