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GainsKeeper for Individual Investors

GainsKeeper arms investors with accurate cost basis, gain/loss information, and trade decision tools that maximize after-tax returns - powering investors to better results.

Need GainsKeeper Solution
Adjust cost basis of investments for corporate actions and wash sales Portfolio Tracking GainsKeeper automatically adjusts cost basis and gain/loss reports for wash sales and corporate actions.
Maximize after-tax returns Portfolio Optimization With GainsKeeper's automated accounting and analytical tools, investors can minimize taxes and increase after-tax returns.
Complete Schedule D for tax filing Schedule D and Other Reports Because GainsKeeper tracks capital gains throughout the year, investors can generate Schedule D for tax filing.

Portfolio Tracking

GainsKeeper protects investors from having to manually apply complicated tax laws and cost basis adjustments to their holdings and gain/loss reports. GainsKeeper calculates capital gains, adjusting portfolios for wash sales and corporate actions, which are used to generate Schedule D.

Need Portfolio Tracking Feature
Calculate capital gains and losses GainsKeeper helps investors with complicated capital gains calculations by tracking gains and losses in their portfolios throughout the year.
Adjusts cost basis for corporate actions GainsKeeper automatically adjusts securities for stock splits, spin-offs, mergers and other messy corporate actions.
Processes wash sales GainsKeeper identifies, calculates, defers and reverses all wash sales.
Aggregate brokerage accounts GainsKeeper enables investors to have a master record of all their trading accounts.

Portfolio Optimization

Tax planning should be a consideration in all your trading decisions throughout the year. GainsKeeper provides portfolio optimization tools and strategies to help investors manage their portfolios in the most tax-efficient manner and become smarter about the impact of taxes on their real investment returns.

Need Portfolio Optimization Feature
Increase after-tax returns GainsKeeper offers strategies to help investors maximize after-tax returns and minimize taxes.
Generate pre-trade analysis GainsKeeper provides a tool that allows investors to know the implications of their buys and sells before they trade.
Monitor your investments With GainsKeeper's portfolio analytics tool, individual investors can get a quick snapshot of their long portfolio positions by asset allocation, industry diversification, market capitalization and top ten holdings.  In addition, the tool allows subscribers on a five months rolling basis to examine historical trends and patterns related to long-term investments.

Schedule D & Other Reports

With GainsKeeper, investors can file their taxes easily and accurately and have all the necessary records in case of an IRS audit.

Need Reporting Feature
Complete Schedule D for tax filing GainsKeeper generates Schedule D.
Export tax information to tax preparation software GainsKeeper is compatible with the most popular tax preparation software packages.
Create custom gain/loss reports GainsKeeper has customized reporting tools, including Income/Loss Form 4797 for traders electing mark-to-market with the IRS.