Trade Log


Use the Trade Log to view your trade entries for your accounts. You can also filter, add, edit and delete transactions from this page. The table below highlights tips for using the trade log:

Note: Any transactions deleted from the Trade Log page will be permanently deleted. Once a transaction is deleted from this page, it CANNOT be restored.


The Trade Log can be sorted ascending or descending by Date (the default is descending). Additional sorts can be performed by Symbol and Trade Type. To sort the data, click the appropriate linked column header.

Account View

To change an account, select the specific account from the drop-down Acct menu and wait for the page to update. The Trade Log lists broker accounts by the order they were created in GainsKeeper.

Split Window

To view two accounts side-by-side, click the Split Window link at the bottom of the Trade Log. To view the Symbol Details in the opposite window, click on a specific symbol link. Click the Filter link to further customize the view.


To filter trades for a specific date range or a specific symbol, click on the Filter link. You can then specify the following filter criteria:

  • Date Range - This enables you to view trades for the specified date range only.

  • SecType - This enables you to view trades for a specified security type.

  • Symbol - This enables you to view trades for a specific security symbol only.

  • When Added - This enables you to view the trades for a specified time period. For example, you can select Today from this drop-down list to view those trades for the current day. You can also select Custom Date Range from this drop-down list in order to specify a date range for which to view trades.

Click Submit to filter trades based on your specified criteria. The results display in the Trade Log. Click here to view an example of the Filter dialog box.


Print your Trade Log view by clicking on the Print button. GainsKeeper will prompt you with an HTML file and a print dialog box.

Deleting Trades

Select the check boxes next to the trades you would like to delete, and click the Delete button to delete the selected trades. If you click the Delete button without selecting any trades, all visible trades will be selected for the next action. Use this function in combination with the Filter functionality to delete large blocks of trades at once. To delete all trades from an account, click the Delete All Trades link at the bottom of the Trade Log page.

Note: Once a transaction is deleted from this page, it CANNOT be restored. Deleted transactions are permanently removed from your account.

Edit Transactions

To edit transactions from the Trade Log, click the transaction to edit from the Trade Type column. An Edit window containing the current trade information displays. Make the appropriate changes and save your changes.

Note: If you need to undo any of the changes made, click the Cancel button. This will only work if you have not clicked the Record button.

Click the Edit icon next to the Trade Type column from the Trade Log page to view the help for Editing Transactions.


Click any of the security type links at the bottom of the page to view the Record Transaction page for the selected type. For example, if you click Stock, the Stock - Record Transaction page displays where you can manually record a stock transaction.

Edit Account Info

Click the Edit Account Info link at the bottom of the page to access the My Settings: Edit Account Info page.



Click here to view an example of the Trade Log page.

Click on the image below to view additional information for the selected field.



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