GainsKeeper Press Accolades

". . . One of the more sophisticated portfolio trackers on the Web . . ."
— Karen Hube
"One of the site's biggest selling points is that it keeps track of stock splits and other corporate actions, a niche service with which other sites have struggled."
— Michelle Leder
"We live in a fluid world and GainsKeeper tracks that fluidity for you."
— Robert Sterling, Jupiter Communications
"[GainsKeeper does] more than other sites by being accurate enough to use with the Schedule D."
"If you have discovered the horror of filling out the dreaded IRS form, Schedule D, without having all of the necessary paperwork, you might want to try a site like GainsKeeper."
"It is an almost magical capability. I don't know of anyone else who even tries to do it. It's not an easy thing to do."
Kaye Thomas, author of Fairmark Press
"Investment tracking made easy."
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"GainsKeeper . . . offers one of the most comprehensive services we've found so far."
"[GainsKeeper simplifies] tax chores like those creepy capital-gains calculations – sort of a 'smart' portfolio."
— Kathy Yakal
". . . if you use software that makes tracking gains easier [e.g.,], consider taking back control of your own cost basis."
— Janet Novack
"Record Keeping for Accurate Returns."
— Ann Coleman
"While most portfolio trackers require the user to manually adjust for corporate changes and determine holding periods, GainsKeeper's tools do it automatically. This gives investors a real-time view of their tax liability, which helps them make better investment decisions."
December, 1999 — Pam MacLean

"Help for a taxing problem."
"Web Star of the Week"
— Electronic
". . . a diamond in the rough . . . representing the best of the best".
". . . you absolutely should take a look at GainsKeeper."