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GainsKeeper carries share amounts out to four decimal places in order to allow you to accurately record Dividend Reinvestments, Mutual Funds, and other partial share purchase arrangements. GainsKeeper will also calculate and maintain fractional shares in your account that were created by corporate actions. In most cases, your broker will allocate cash-in-lieu for fractional shares created by corporate actions. If you receive cash-in-lieu from your broker, use the procedure below to record the transaction. By recording the transaction, you will correctly remove the fractional shares from your total share position and account for the correct gain/loss on your Realized Gain/Loss Report for tax filing. Cash in lieu transactions recorded in GainsKeeper are processed by FIFO. In some instances this can effect holding periods for cash dividends. In order to correct for this, you will need to record your sell transactions by Specific ID.

Note: This gain/loss figure is determined by the difference between your cash-in-lieu amount and the cost sold.

Click one of the icons above to view either a list of the transactions available for that category, or click the Baseline Holdings icon to access the Add New Baseline Holdings page.



From the Manually Record Trades page, click the Stock icon to access the Stock - Record Transaction page. From this page, select Cash in Lieu from the Action drop-down list. The Stock - Record Cash in Lieu Transaction page displays.

  1. Select the account to which to record this transaction, from the In Account drop-down list. If you only have one account, this drop-down list is not displayed.

  2. By default, the Action on this page is set to Cash in Lieu. To change this, select a different transaction from the Action drop-down list. The fields that display depend on the transaction that is selected.

  3. Enter the trade date equal to the date of the corporate action causing the fractional share amount in the Transaction Date (mm/dd/yyyy) field. You can also click the Calendar icon and select the appropriate transaction date from the calendar that displays.

  4. Do one of the following:

  5. Select the type of security from the Security Type drop-down list. By default, this field is set to Stock for this transaction.

  6. Enter the amount received for fractional shares from your broker in the Cash in Lieu amount field.

  7. To record the Cash-in-Lieu transaction, click the Record button. To record the transaction and continue to enter additional transactions, click the Record & Repeat button. To leave this page, without recording the transaction, click the Cancel button.



Click here to view an example of the Stock - Record Cash in Lieu Transaction page.

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